How to Hire Managers in 2023

How to Hire Managers in 2023

HR professionals and organizations aiming to adapt to the evolving business landscape must know how to hire managers in 2023.

Having managers is a crucial part of any business or organization. However, it’s more than just any manager that will do – you need good managers. We’ve all witnessed or experienced the consequences of having a poor manager. A well-meaning individual who lacks the necessary training or soft skills can cause chaos in their department. They may need help organizing their team, meeting deadlines, motivating their staff, or harming their colleagues and the company.

An effective manager inspires, motivates, and increases productivity for employee retention.

Let’s explore practical ways how to hire managers in 2023.


Job Descriptions That Attract Talent 

The job description you provide can be vital to finding the right person. Ensure the description is complete and accurate, explaining what is required for the position. Think carefully about all aspects of the role – the specific people they will work with and the work they’ll be doing.  

You might even describe how much time they will be expected to spend on various work or activities. This can also help to weed out candidates who won’t enjoy doing certain things for many hours in a day or will do them poorly. So, a day-in-the-(work)life could be helpful.   

And, of course, remember to clearly describe your organization’s corporate culture and the personalities that do well there. They must understand the work environment to know if they should apply for the position.  

Managerial candidate looking over a detailed job description.

Things to Consider 

A great manager is the foundation of a good team or department. They’re vital to the smooth running of your organization and the workers’ morale. Here are some things to consider when you’re ready to hire. 

Getting Ready 

As you prepare to hire, ensure you know who you want, what they will be required to do, and how you expect them to fit into your corporate framework. You could easily hire the wrong person if you aren’t clear on who you want. So, before anything else, be fully prepared before you begin the hiring process.   



It’s standard to require minimum qualifications and work experience for good reason. This will ensure you get a well-qualified and amply experienced candidate but can also preclude people who may be a great fit. Just because a candidate lacks work experience or impressive qualifications doesn’t mean they aren’t a natural, productive leader with innate skills to motivate and inspire.  

While we don’t minimize the value of a degree in Management or similar qualifications, we should also acknowledge that the right person can learn many of the most critical managerial skills on the job.   

Don’t stress about taking on low-quality candidates. You have outlined precisely who you’re looking for, and hiring that person will be great.  

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Once you have attracted a few good candidates, you must consider the interview process. Ask questions that are relevant to the position and the company culture. Try to ascertain who each candidate is under the polite, well-rehearsed answers. You want to know how each person will fit into your culture and how they will relate to those above and below them.  

Questions like,  

  • “Why did this position appeal to you?” 
  • “Tell me about your managerial experience?” 
  • “How do you think you will fit in here?” 
  • “Can you think of any recent managerial issues you have faced?” 
  • “What do you enjoy most about managing people?” 
  • “How would you describe your management style?” 

Use this time to determine how they may behave under pressure or other conditions. And you can ask them how they would handle actual situations in the company.   

Make sure you ask questions to discover each candidate’s leadership style. Recall that you want someone who can confidently relate as well to those above them as to those below – this will take a level of emotional intelligence.  

How have your candidates presented themselves? For instance, will they fit in if they’re stiff and smartly dressed but your company culture is casual? Equally, are they casually dressed and behave informally, while your company is professional and formal?  

A person being hired as a manager for a company.

Should You Hire Within? 

This is a hotly debated question. We’ll present a case for looking within your company and spreading a wider net.  

Hiring from Within 

How great would it be to discover that your next great manager is already on your payroll? Hiring from within is cost-efficient and will make your employees feel valued. They are already well-acquainted with company culture and won’t require as much training or transition time.  

Of course, hiring from within can also rub their other colleagues the wrong way, and it may take time for them to get the respect of their former co-workers.  

Hiring from Without 

In addition to looking within, it’s also a great idea to consider candidates new to your company. A great manager from ‘the outside’ can bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and methods. An excellent way to know who to invite for your management positions is to become involved in professional associations in your industry. This will give you access to other capable managers you may request to apply for roles in your company as they become available.   

You may also ask your top employees for referrals.   


Third-Party Services 

If you need to fill a position in your company, you should consider a third-party service like a recruiting agency. Recruitment agencies match competent individuals with companies who need their talents for various roles. Putting your hiring in the hands of experts in that field will save you time, effort, and money. Third-party services can boost your chances of finding the right person and make the whole process smoother than doing it yourself.   

Hire the Best Team Possible 

We’ve given you the best practices for finding and hiring managers in 2023. With this advice, you can hire managers who inspire and motivate their teams, and you can avoid people who bully, lack the necessary skills, or cause you to lose talent.   

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