Candidate’s perspective of Work/Life Recruiting’s recruiting process

Candidates enjoy professional service and courteous treatment with Work/Life Recruiting

Does the opportunity meet or exceed your expectations?

At this point in the conversation, we will share our clients’ information, ask you to check them out, and think about our discussion. Then, if you continue to be interested, schedule a follow-up conversation focused on your questions.

The questionnaire

If you continue to be interested, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire designed with the hiring manager. The questionnaire is designed to respect your time and create a level playing field for all candidates.

Client Assessments

Many clients utilize assessments as part of their hiring process. Typically, we are authorized to administer the assessment to expedite the interview process.

Your candidate packet will be created and submitted when we have your completed questionnaire, assessment, and your permission to talk with the client on your behalf.

Then we follow up with the hiring manager to get a response to your candidacy.

Feedback is shared promptly.

You deserve to know your candidacy’s status as quickly as we do. Feedback is shared promptly. While you might not like the feedback, you will know.

If the feedback is positive, you deserve to know the next step(s) and the timeline. This level of communication continues throughout the process until you have been hired or eliminated.

Taking care of candidates is good business!
Well-placed candidates are happier, typically leading to better performance, which makes hiring managers happy. Happy hiring managers are more likely to engage us again.

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