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Remember when companies would tout the perks of being in the office? It became a stereotype for tech startups to show off their catered lunches, onsite yoga instructors, and ultra-cool workspaces. Those are not such big selling points anymore. Lately, more people want to work from anywhere. It’s just one of many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed recruiting and hiring.

The landscape of work has changed.

Work structure, content, and process have changed in today’s world. Work is now: more cognitively complex. More team-based and collaborative. More dependent on social skills. More dependent on technological competence. More time pressured.

The factors influencing the change in work include technological advancement, outsourcing, changing worker attitudes and values, demographics, diversity, and globalization.

Successful organizations are nimble. Embracing change is a requirement. Managers are increasingly focused on the work to be done. Many are making skills-based decisions, thinking about both the openings on their team right now and as more jobs evolve post-pandemic.

Whether your need is a direct-hire, contract, temp-to-perm, interim, project, onsite, hybrid, or remote, all that is needed is support – RPO, Work/Life Recruiting has you covered.

Work/Life Recruiting is a contingency recruiting services business. We deliver flexible hiring options to your human capital need(s).


Client Services

Today, hiring teams are confronted with a wide range of hiring challenges:


Direct Hire


Routine replacement



Succession Planning

Performance related




Obsolete skills

Plus, there is a range of business situations that impact hiring needs.

Merger or Integration

Change in ownership

Economic forced changes.

Offshoring or outsourcing

Change in leadership

Competitive pressures

Contingency & Engaged Options for Direct Hires

Work/Life Recruiting offers contingency and engaged options for Direct Hire positions.
Work/Life Recruiting offers contingency solutions for management and executive positions.

Contingency Solutions

There are times when a company’s in-house recruiter(s) cannot keep up with an unexpected hiring demand or hiring a unique skill; therefore, hiring a contingency recruiter is an excellent short-term solution until the hiring demand slows down.

Engaged Recruiting Solutions

A recruiter engagement fee compromised a contingency and retained recruiting agreement.

With an engaged recruiting agreement, there is a greater level of commitment on the part of the organization compared to a contingency recruiting agreement. The agency receives an “engagement fee,” which shows dedication to the position to be hired and the recruiting agency by the organization.

The organization pays an engagement fee that is applied to the final invoice. The balance of the recruiting cost is contingent upon the outcome and is paid after the start date.

Knowing the organization has “skin in the game,” Work/Life Recruiting will prioritize their time, energy, and resources over other contingency recruiting assignments.

Engaged recruiting services are an attractive financial alternative when contingency hasn’t produced the results and retained services are not an option.
Engaged recruiting services are appropriate in multiple situations, such as a confidential replacement, as part of a larger organizational change - merger or acquisition, or time is of the essence.

Situations where Engaged is appropriate:

  1. When the organization has been unsuccessful in filling the position using job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Biospace, and others within 90 days.
  2. When the urgency of filling the position is high, and the response to the organizations’ efforts has been unqualified or no candidates.
  3. When the organization is considering promoting someone from within and what may be available from outside the organization.
  4. When the organization wants to hire an executive and does not want the commitment of a retained recruiting agreement.

Support Services

Occasionally, what is needed is support, not an outside recruiting agency.


A job has been posted for more than 30 days, and the results do not meet expectations.

Candidates are not the correct candidates to respond to your job description. This is a shared experience.

The organization wants assistance but not the financial commitment of recruiting with an outside agency.

Work/Life Recruiting offers support services on an hourly basis.

Work/Life Recruiting provides recruiting support services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) / Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters work on a contract, time basis instead of a contingency recruiter-type fee structure. Contract recruiting is a form of recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. A contract recruiter will typically work on assignments on an ongoing basis or until the hiring needs are satisfied.

Types of Contract Recruiting Solutions

Contract recruiter solutions use a simple hourly, weekly, or monthly wage or fixed bid project for a set amount of time to help with hiring demand during an uptick in hiring. This type of recruiter can be seen as a recruiting consultant who works with a company on a short-term basis to meet their hiring needs and improve their overall talent acquisition.

When all job openings have been filled, and the company is satisfied with its new employees, the contract is typically complete, and the recruiter can move on to the next job or contract position.


An established company had been using manufacturers’ representatives for all outside sales. The decision was made to switch to a direct sales force. This meant they needed to hire 16 representatives to cover the United States. The company wanted to make this transition quickly. They tried to hire well-qualified people that were likely to be long-term contributors. 

In this example, Work/Life Recruiting placed 18 people with an average tenure of 47.67 months. 8 of the 18 (44%) people are still on the job after 66 months.    

Contract staffing is a cost-effective alternative to contingency, engage, or retained recruiting agreements if you have a hiring project that requires multiple hires in a short period.

Benefits of Hiring Contract Recruiters

  • Flexible contract basis. Our on-demand recruiters work on a simple contract basis without long-term requirements.
  • No search or staffing agencies fees. Our contract recruiters have no placement fees or “success fees” of any type.
  • Save time for hiring managers. Are your departmental managers spending half their time hiring? Contract recruiters relieve this burden.
  • Augment team during high demand. Hiring is naturally cyclical, so hiring full-time in talent acquisition can be difficult. Flex up your hiring in times of high need.
  • Help your recruiting manager. Contract recruiters are a great way to ramp up flexibly if you have one or a small team of full-time talent acquisition managers.
  • Reduce contract staffing solutions. Demand for temp labor often comes with a fast turnaround. Having a contract recruiter on your team can reduce spending on external staffing agencies.
Contract recruiter expense can be an attractive financial alternative to contingency recruiting when time and money are on the line.

Contract Recruiter Expense

The pay for a contract recruiter is straightforward: pay by the hour, week, or month. Pay ranges for a contract recruiter vary widely by skill, niche, and experience, with compensation from $40/hour for a junior level or more administrative role, to $100+/hour and more for strategic talent acquisition consulting and recruiting project management. Some contracts also tie additional compensation to the successful completion of a particular recruiting and hiring project or include bonuses for hiring performance.


Staffing is another way to fill open roles within a company or organization.
Work/Life Recruiting provides staffing solutions for technical positions on short-term roles or specific projects.
When you use Work/Life Recruiting for your staffing needs, you ignore certain requirements of other role-filling practices, such as arranging company benefits, and taxes.

Work/Life Recruiting offers the following staffing services for engineers and other technical positions:

  • Contract
  • Temp-to-perm
  • Project
Staffing services are available from Work/Life Recruiting
Wordcloud image of the job titles of the positions filled by WorkLife Recruiting
Work/Life Recruiting fills management and executive positions.

Positions we fill

Work/Life Recruiting focuses on managers through senior director positions. Positions whose performance is commonly measured on KPIs, P&L, ROI & CAGR. These positions are expected to bring analytical skills previously unavailable, new production or operational efficiencies, improved quality, response to regulatory issues, new supply chain strategies, and growing revenue via marketing and sales activities.

Since 1997 we have completed 400+ direct placements in the fields of:






Sales/Business Development


Supply Chain

Whether your need is a direct-hire, contract, temp-to-perm, interim, and project; onsite, hybrid, or remote, maybe all that is needed is support – RPO, Work/Life Recruiting has you covered.

Industries we serve

Work/Life Recruiting works with companies in multiple industries within the B2B space.

The industries we represent are technically sophisticated, developing new products to help people, animals, and the environment while making businesses more productive, sustainable, and safer for their employees.

We focus on industries with significant demand for educated and uniquely skilled employees and contractors. These people earn above-average compensation and enjoy greater career stability than other industries.

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