Client centric contingency recruiters

Are you looking for Client Centric Contingency Recruiters? Contingency recruiters committed to delivering best-in-class service and excellent candidates.

Best-in-class services deliver qualified and screened candidates quickly. Keeping the client informed while respecting their time.

To recruit excellent candidates, the recruiter must deliver superior candidate experiences. The quality of candidates’ experience is a competitive advantage or disadvantage for all employers. In addition, a-caliber candidates respond positively to our client-centric approach.   

Eric Ivers, Former President of RoboteX

The difference really is that Kyle takes each search more seriously than almost anyone else. He goes after people like they were going to go to work for him. Kyle sorts beyond surface fit on the hiring criteria and reject several who technically fit the specs but don’t fit the company, the position, or neither of those.

Kyle’s searches are done at the level of the very best retained firms.

How do you identify a client centric agency worthy of representing your company to recruit top talent?

What criteria do you use to evaluate recruiting agencies?

  • Time to fill (TTF)
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Interview-to-hire ratio
  • Quality of hire
  • Something else?

Metrics are most valuable when put into the context of the broader workplace trend. Success or failure. 

We find that clients want the following:

  • The best available talent,
  • That fits within their parameters,
  • That has the highest probability,
  • Of performing at an exceeds expectations level.
  • Clients want the least amount of risk associated with any hire.

What does success look like in this model?

A candidate has been qualified according to the hiring manager’s parameters and wants to do the job the way the hiring manager wants the job executed. There are other critical criteria, but the rest of the requirements do not matter if the candidate is not qualified.

A well-placed candidate will perform at a higher level and over an extended period.  

How do we do this?

Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. So how do we make your opportunity rise above the noise?

For example:

If you need a Sales Manager in the State of Washington, what makes your opportunity more desirable than the other 2,433 Sales Manager jobs listed on Indeed?

Work/Life Recruiting’s approach is candidate-centric, which is uncommon in recruiting messaging and is effective.

Once we get a potential candidate's attention, then what?

  1. Qualify the relevance of experience to the client’s expectations
  2. Understand the candidate’s expectations
  3. What is our client’s ability to meet or exceed the candidate’s expectations?
    • If the ability is low, confirm our understanding of the candidate’s expectations
    • If our understanding of the candidate’s expectations is correct, then explain to the candidate why this opportunity does not work for them
    • If the ability seems high, we may have something a match. We share with the candidate specifically why we think the client’s opportunity is the job they want to do.

Success in hiring depends on setting realistic and attainable expectations.  


When asked what is their reason for making a change? Many candidates say the job is not as represented during the interview process.

Expectations created during the interview will determine an employee’s job satisfaction, productivity, and longevity.

Job satisfaction for both the employer and the employee is contingent upon accurately setting expectations at the beginning of the interaction.

We only set expectations that are realistic and attainable, nothing more. We believe candidates should get more excited about the job opportunity rather than resetting or adjusting their thinking after talking with the hiring manager.

Most jobs have a challenging aspect when hiring. The challenge could be compensation, benefits, travel – any number of things. We have repeatedly observed that candidates will accept less-than-ideal job elements if discussed truthfully and directly. Therefore, honesty is the best strategy.

Why do companies work with Work/Life Recruiting? It's the results.

How you meet your hiring needs is your business. Helping you exceed them is ours.

Put Work/Life Recruiting to work for you

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