Client centric contingency recruiters

Kyle Largent, Founder & Manager of Work/Life Recruiting

The difference really is that Kyle takes each search more seriously than almost anyone else. He goes after people like they were going to go to work for him. Kyle sorts beyond surface fit on the hiring criteria and reject several who technically fit the specs but don’t fit the company, the position, or neither of those.

Kyle’s searches are done at the level of the very best retained firms.

Eric Ivers, Former President of RoboteX

How do you identify an agency worthy of representing your company in the competition for talent?

With the acquisition of talent being one of the most expensive and critical functions in a company, improving upon it is not just a good idea, it’s essential. Improving how well your hiring process performs can save thousands of dollars for each employee that you hire


What criteria do you use to evaluate recruiting agencies?

  • Time to fill (TTF)
  • Offer acceptancerate
  • Time to start
  • Interview to hire ratio
  • Source of hire (SoH)
  • Quality of hire
  • Lost productivity

Metrics, including those in recruiting, need to tie into the broader workplace trend showing success or failure. They are a solid foundation for detailed conversations about common business goals for the entire organization, and how small changes can make big waves when it comes to recruiting and hiring.

Human Capital = Company Asset

Ultimately, you are hiring an asset. An asset with a personality, attitude, intelligence, health, family, and opinions, that is expected to be productive as measured by KPIs and ROI, just like a machine that is acquired for your business. The selection process has qualitative factors to consider before making a hiring/buying decision. If only candidates could be as easy to evaluate as a potential new machine: cycle times, accuracy, precision, % update, mean time between failures (MTBF), availability of parts and service, the service organization behind the product, price, and warranty.

Qualitative Factors

For this reason, our client centric evaluation process has both qualitative and quantitative elements. For the qualitative aspects we look at consistency in decision making behavior.

Quantitative Factors

For the quantitative aspects we utilize a questionnaire, that is reviewed and approved by the hiring team. This approach to candidate evaluation creates a level playing field for all candidates, is DEI supportive, and easier for you and us to identify the A-caliber candidates you require.

We are constantly searching for new ways to bring additional value to our clients. You will benefit from over 25 years of process evaluation and refinement. Every aspect of our process has been scrutinized for your benefit.

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